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The Newest Capital of Luxury

World Luxury News

World Luxury News collect the best of best latest luxury news , elegant products and exclusive luxury services around the world.

June 28, 20122 years ago


With a chic sporty look which is more classical than the Big Bang, a slimmer profile and a timeless elegance which draws on traditional watchmaking values (while remaining faithful to Hublot’s refined and dynamic codes), for the first time, the Classic Fusion is Read more

Posted in: Luxury, Yachting
June 1, 20122 years ago

Adastra Luxury Yacht

This amazing superyacht with futuristic design was designed by John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs. After 4 years in build by McConaghy boats in Zhuhai China, the fuel efficient 42.5 m Trimaran Adastra has been launched into the Pearl River. This luxury yacht can be controlled with an Apple iPad within a 50m range. It features garage, two dining area, lounge as well as a spacious saloon area with panoramic roof. Read more

May 31, 20122 years ago

TopBrewer Coffee by Scanomat - with iPhone control

The Scanomat Top Brewer fully automatic coffee machine completely redefines how we perceive a coffee brewer. All drinks are brewed to barista standards using precision grinders, tamper pressure, pump pressure and water temperature. Control it all from your iOS device and experience the most magical coffee machine you’ve ever seen. Read more

May 31, 20122 years ago

Audi E-bike Wörthersee Concept Bike

We have earlier seen some of interesting models of e-bikes like Electric Bike PiCycle LTD by Pi Mobility. But today we will show you bike with exclusive design by well-known brand Audi. The Audi’s e-bike Wörthersee looks futuristic Read more

Posted in: Design, Yachting
May 1, 20122 years ago

Floating Lotus, Fiorella Yacht

This delicate-looking, floral inspired design by Hyun-Seok Kim at first looks like a sculptural floating egg, but when the petal-like sides come down the interior is revealed as a cabin fit with an underwater panoramic view, convertible sofa-bed,and water level deck. The Fiorella isn’t so much a yacht as it is a maneuverable floating picnic spot, but it is just as entertaining! Read more

April 12, 20122 years ago

DTV Shredder, The Desert Cheetah

Are you ready to a wild ride at desert ? With DTV Shredder you will be a Desert Cheetah !

This superb modified skateboard called the DTV Shredder. We can say, it is half skateboard and half tracks. DTV Shredder is  powered by 15 HP motor, so it is able to reach a top speed of 30 mph. Read more

March 20, 20122 years ago

The Ultimate Diving Machine

Innespace releases new Seabreacher Y; Killer Whale submersible watercraft

Innespace Productions, the innovative design and fabrication company that released their shark inspired Seabreacher X last year, has just unveiled a new recognizable underwater animal to add to the Seabreacher fleet: a killer whale. Read more

February 23, 20122 years ago

Yamaha vmax covered by Hermés

The seat, tank, stem, headlight cover, grips, fenders and silencers are all leather covered.

Leather and motorcycles have always been a pair, but the French craftsmen at the iconic Hermés wanted to take it one step further. Hermés wrapped the machine in special leather attributes, creating a one-of-a-kind motorcycle that could only come from the technical house of Yamaha, and the fashionably house of Hermés. The VMax motorcycle features Read more

February 21, 20122 years ago

Luxury Diamond Cell Phone by Tonino Lamborghini

Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone’scasing was studded with a total of 7.8 carats of diamonds.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the exotic automaker’s fashion line, Lamborghini has designed a limited edition Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone. The uber-luxe cell phone dazzles with bling and is the epitome of high-end accessories. Everything about this cell phone is extraordinary. Italian designers crafted its stainless steel, vertically tapered body and sent it off to be finished Switzerland. Once there, luxury Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone’s Read more

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